Subsidiaries - Concrete plant Bratislava


In the area of ​​Ladce Betón s.r.o. Bratislava is a large-scale ELBA-EMAS 105 with a capacity of 105 m3 of concrete mixture per hour, with the possibility of adding 6 plasticizing additives at the same time. The ELBA-EMAS 105 manufacturing facility is controlled by the MARTEK ELEKTRONIK ME 30 C / S computer system, which ensures precise dosing of components of all kinds of concrete mixtures and thus ensures their high quality.

Ladce Betón, s.r.o. Produces concrete according to STN EN 206-1, with strengths from C 8/10 to C 50/60, corrosion-resistant concrete, carbonation (XC1-XC4) and chlorides (XD1-XD3), antifreeze concretes (XF1-XF4 ). It also manufactures concrete, aerated, concrete with steel wire, CB-III road concrete and CBGM 5/6 CBGM 8/10 cementitious cement.

In the case of large continuous concreting, transport of concrete mixtures is ensured by truck mixers with a content of 5 to 7 m3. Ladce Betón, s.r.o. It has pumps of concrete mixtures of different lengths up to a distance of 52 m. For smaller buildings, we provide pumps with Cifa pumps with a 24 m arm length, a truck with a hydraulic arm (14 m) and a 0,20 m 3 dredger.

Concrete quality is checked and tested by the certified QUALlFORM Slovakia, Bratislava CSK i12, in accordance with the provisions of STN EN 206-1. The advantage of our concrete strips is also the production of high-quality concrete mixtures even at low temperatures during the winter, as both are heat-insulated and have hot water, plasticizing additives and individual aggregates. The high quality of production guarantees the use of certified inputs and building chemistry by BASF Slovensko spol. Ltd..

Concrete cements are produced from Považská cementárna, a.s., Ladce (CEM I 42.5 R, CEM I 42.5 N and CEM II / B-S 42.5 N). Ladce Betón, s.r.o. Devoted considerable resources to protecting the environment. These include, in particular, investments in recycling facilities for residual concrete and waste disposal.