Subsidiaries - Concrete plant Nitra


The newly opened operation in Nitra was launched in December 2008 with a certificate of production management issued by Qualified Bratislava. The MERKO HBS 103D Concrete Mixer with MARTEK ELEKTRONIK is fully automated and equipped with water and aggregate heating, enabling operation even in winter. All raw materials for the production of fresh concrete are certified.

Construction chemistry and demonstration tests of all types of concrete are provided by BASF Slovakia spol. Ltd. And Qualified Bratislava. The HBS 103D Concrete Mixer with a volume of 3 m3 per spindle is capable of producing 105 m3 per hour and is ready to meet even the most demanding customers not only in Nitra but also in its surroundings. The largest production capacity of concrete, high quality of produced concrete and easy access to the center of Nitra and the surrounding area is a good prerequisite for successful cooperation with customers.

In addition to standard concrete conveyors, we also offer Schwing pumps with a 34-meter-long boom and larger pumps for a 47m-long pump. Ladce Betón, s.r.o. Also has Cifa pumps with a length of 24 m and Schwing with a length of 26 m, which can be used in any operation when needed.